“Before I came to Help House I had no direction, and I was wasting my time doing nothing. But when I came to Help House, I met some people that showed me the right ways to make uses of my time and money. When I have the mind to use drugs or drink I have the staff here to talk to and help me stay off drugs and drinking. So now I’m really blessed, and I would be lost without Help House.”

Housing is health care. A safe and stable home is essential to individual health and well-being. For persons living with HIV, housing provides the “home base” that allows for all other services to become readily accessible. Attending doctor’s visits, becoming compliant with medications, and learning to manage their illness now becomes the individual’s priority instead of just finding a bed…

AFH offers five permanent housing programs to provide safe affordable living and supportive services to individuals and families impacted by HIV. To engage individuals in developing a stable, healthy and productive future, all AFH housing programs provide intensive case management, community and social support. Our comprehensive service model includes creating individualized plans to address financial stability, family issues, basic needs, mental health and substance abuse treatment and how to link to needed medical and social services.

We have communities designed to serve the needs of:

For more information about AFH housing programs, please call 713-623-6796, 346-219-8748, or 832-287-2563.




The Hollyfield Foundation generously supports AFH housing programs.