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Get Tested. Ending HIV/AIDS begins with knowing your status, eliminating stigma and taking charge of your health. We offer FREE HIV and syphilis testing every MONDAY and TUESDAY at our office from 1 PM - 6 PM. Walk-ins welcome! No appointment needed. Take charge of your health.


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Help Send a Child to Camp Hope


Camp Hope gives HIV-positive youth a much needed respite from the everyday stresses of the disease. More than that, it brings each child new skills for maintaining medical adherence, building healthy relationships, and envisioning a better future for themselves.

Thanks to a two-year study by Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative there is now proof that campers’ viral loads are reduced for up to six months after attending camp.

Please donate today and help a child experience the life-changing magic of Camp Hope!




She wasn't alone...

Sherilyn* was HIV-positive and out of work. With no money for rent, she spent a year on the streets. She wanted to work but jobs are hard to get when you don’t have a permanent address. Life was made even harder by the fact that she wasn’t alone. Much of her time and energy was taken up finding food and shelter for her 10-year old daughter.

DONATE NOW to help change the lives of others like Sherilyn and her daughter.

In early 2015, Sherilyn learned about the AFH housing program for families affected by HIV/AIDS. In March of that year, she and her daughter moved in.

Upon entering the program, Sherilyn established two short term goals: finding a job and getting a car. Within nine months she had accomplished both.

Today she is a sterilization technician at a local hospital and drives to and from work in her own vehicle. She is also saving her money so that one day soon she and her daughter can move out of AFH housing and into a home of their own.

The world is changing before our eyes. Vital parts of our nation’s social safety net are rapidly disappearing. Increasingly, the positive changes we seek to make in the world are up to us. AFH stands ready to help families thrive in spite of HIV, but more than ever it is up to you to make that possible. Finding the support they needed meant a world of difference to Sherilyn and her daughter. Your gift will ensure that support is available to the next family that needs it.

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*Name changed


AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc. (AFH) leads the innovative efforts in the prevention of new HIV infections and empowers individuals, families, and communities affected by HIV/AIDS to create and sustain healthy lives.

AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc. envisions a supportive community free of new HIV infections where individuals affected by HIV/AIDS lead healthy and productive lives without stigma and discrimination.

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