Resources and Links

Senate Bill 194 - HIV routine screening
House Bill 65 - Risk reduction programs
House Bill 467 - Education programs regarding AIDS and HIV infection
House Bill 2395 - Testing in juvenile criminal justice system
House Bill 2057 - Homosexuality and HIV education
Houston Blue Book - Helpful resources for various HIV related services
AIDS Action Committee
American Foundation for AIDS Research (AMFAR)
Best Colleges LGBTQ Student Guide
Best Colleges LGBTQ Scholarship Guide
The Body for STD information
Careers to Combat HIV & AIDS
Centers for Disease Control - U.S. Goverment
Gay Men's Health Crisis - New York City
Learn How To Become - Scholarships and Financial Aid for LGBTQ Students
MedlinePlus -  U.S. National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health - Get access to PrEP in your area (WE > AIDS)
Pride Foundation Scholarship Page
Qualifying for Social Security With HIV or AIDS - Courtesy of - Confidential STD testing
Texas State Department of Health Services HIV-STD Program
What Do I Do? - Human Rights Campaign Handbook to Understanding Health & HIV


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