Resources and Links

Accesa Labs - Confidential testing for STIs, including HIV, and other diseases - Inpatient rehab for treatment of substance or alcohol use disorders
AddictionResource.Net - Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center directory; includes LGBT-friendly facilities
AIDS Action Committee
AIDSinfo - a service that offers health care professionals and consumers access to the latest, federal approved HIV/AIDS medical practice guidelines, clinical trials, and other information. infoSIDA (Español) is the Spanish-language counterpart to AIDSinfo.
AIDSource - A comprehensive HIV/AIDS information service that provides access to high quality, accurate, and timely information for patients an their caregivers, health professionals, educators, as well as community-based orgnaizations.
American Foundation for AIDS Research (AMFAR)
Best Colleges LGBTQ Student Guide
Best Colleges LGBTQ Scholarship Guide
The Body for STD information
Careers to Combat HIV & AIDS
Centers for Disease Control - U.S. Government - Regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical research for a wide range of diseases and conditions, including locations and phone numbers for more details. - Addiction care and education, with information on disease-related risk of substance abuse, including HIV.
First Aid for People with HIV/AIDS
Gay Men's Health Crisis - New York City
The HIV League - Scholarships for students living with HIV
HIV Navigation Resources
HIV Treatment - Everything You Need to Know -- Article from
Houston Blue Book - Helpful resources for various HIV-related services
infoSIDA - (Español) Spanish-language counterpart to AIDSinfo.
Learn How To Become - Scholarships and Financial Aid for LGBTQ Students
Medication Recycling - collects unused and unexpired HIV medicine in the US to recycle and redistribute it to people with HIV in the developing world.
MedlinePlus - Consumer health information resource, that includes full-text documents on medical topics, information on drugs, a medical encyclopedia, medical dictionaires, patient videos and handouts, and directories of libraries, hospitals, and health care professionals. - Get access to PrEP in your area (WE > AIDS)
PrEP Navigation Resources
Pride Foundation Scholarship Page
Qualifying for Social Security With HIV or AIDS - Courtesy of - Confidential STI testing - Guide to accredited teaching degree programs; includes state-by-state listing
Texas State Department of Health Services HIV-STD Program
What Do I Do? - Human Rights Campaign Handbook to Understanding Health & HIV


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