AIDS Foundation Houston Modified Agency Operations

Dear Friends:

Through April 10, AFH is implementing our "modified agency operations" plan. This plan both minimizes risk associated with COVID-19 to our clients, staff, and volunteers and enables us to continue to deliver our vital mission to the community.

Highlights of our modified agency operations plan include the following:

  *   AFH offices will be closed to the public.
  *   AFH employees will be working remotely.
  *   AFH phones will be answered and e-mail correspondence returned as usual.
  *   AFH will continue to serve client needs as they arise.
  *   AFH will maintain a minimal presence at our main office throughout the week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Please return to this page periodically for updates regarding the timeline for the resumption of standard agency operations.


John Huckaby,
Chief Executive Officer

For resources about COVID-19, please see or

Public Information

AIDS Foundation Houston Privacy Statement

AIDS Foundation Houston 2018 Annual Report

AIDS Foundation Houston 2016 Tax Form 990

AIDS Foundation Houston 2017 Tax Form 990

AIDS Foundation Houston 2017 Independent Audit Report

Availability of Agency Documents to the Public

AFH will make available the agency's governing documents, Conflict of Interest policy, financial statements, Form 1023, Form 990 and Form 990-T for the prior three years to the public at its main administrative offices durring regular business hours and upon request via email.  AFH will provide copies of the information requested, whether the request is made in person or in writing, and may charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of the copies.

Please email [email protected] for additional financial statements.