Road to Zero

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Road to Zero New HIV Infections

Each year, AFH serves over 7,000 men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS in the Houston area. 

Without your help, the housing, testing and education, youth camps and supportive services could not happen. Your support means families and individuals living with HIV/AIDS can have the strength, support and tools to build an independent and happy life. 

This year, over 7,000 donations have been made to support our clients. Thanks to your continued support and passion to the cause we can continue our journey down the road to end HIV/AIDS. 

This year your contributions have allowed us to:

 Send 126 youth to summer camps

 Educate 77,000 prisoners through Wall Talk

 Feed over 130 individuals a month through Stone Soup

 House nearly 200 men, women and children in our permanent housing programs

 Test and Educate over 3,000 individuals about HIV/STDs


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