Support My Efforts in AIDS Walk Houston

Hello everyone it’s that time of year again where in the past I’ve asked most of you to support my efforts.  On Sunday, March 4th will be walking in my 12th AIDS Walk Houston and will join thousands of other participants in showing our commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS in our community. I'm excited to take on this challenge once again and hope that you will join me in my efforts! It all begins with one step, and I hope you will join me in this Walk.

Please assist me in reaching my fundraising goal. Now, more than ever, we need to join to fight this preventable disease that is affecting so many individuals in Houston and the world.

I have friends that have been affected by HIV/AIDS and friends who have passed away due the complications of HIV/AIDS. In the past few years I have been involved with raising awareness and raising money to support the Lazarus House and my commitment has never been stronger. The Lazarus House is a charitable wellness center for individuals facing disease related muscle loss. They provide a comfortable environment-- a SAFE HAVEN--for people who need a program of wellness.  Adolescents and adults alike, Lazarus House teaches life skills of exercise, cardiovascular training, nutrition, and support. Their clients are people who must manage chronic health conditions, especially HIV. Lazarus House teaches them how to live stronger, happier lives. Lazarus House provides hope.

Lazarus House is funded solely through the charitable generosity of the people, through donations, through benefits, and through foundational grants. They receive no government funding. With your support, Lazarus House will continue to provide a program of hope, the Wellness Program, to people in need.

Thank you for being the person to make a change in somebody's life today. With your help, we can make a difference.

To place a pledge on my behalf you can click on the link below to get to my personal web page and make a simple and secure contribution by credit card.

On behalf of those who are living with HIV and AIDS and those who have been lost, thank you for your compassion and generous support.

Thank you for your support,

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