Dear Friends and Family,

               I began volunteering at AIDS Foundation Houston in 1999, and found out about Camp Hope, a summer camp for HIV positive kids.  It only took a short time at Camp to realize where my passion was. On my second day at Camp Hope, I was introduced to a very special little girl named Vicki who loved camp and helped me see this special place through her eyes. She made me realize why it was so important to have a place where she could be could be cared for, accepted, and loved.   I left camp that year not knowing if I would ever see Vicki again, but I promised to come back as long as she did.  In spite of her failing health, she made it back for the next three summers.  Vicki passed away a few years ago, but I return to camp for a week every summer for Vicki and our other special kids, and selfishly for all that they have given me.

               This will be my 20th year to work as a volunteer counselor at Camp Hope.  Please help me celebrate by raising enough money to pay for all the kids in my cabin.  Every dollar you donate to my team, "Southwest Airlines Walks for HOPE" will directly benefit Camp Hope.

                Through Camp Hope, I have met the most amazing kids who in spite of their difficult daily struggles with their health and home lives get to spend one week out of their summer to be “just kids” instead of kids with a potentially fatal disease.  I have also had the opportunity to work the most wonderful volunteer counselors, medical professionals, and program staff who give their time, hearts, smiles, laughter, and tears to make sure these kids not only have a better summer, but a better life.  I get to be part of a miracle that makes our world a better place by improving the lives these special kids.

                On March 4, AIDS Walk Houston 2018 will bring us together and remind us that no matter where we live, who we love, or what we do, we have all been affected by HIV/AIDS and we can all do our part to make a difference.  Whether walking or donating, we remember that with all the heartbreak and suffering this terrible disease has brought, our Walk is not one of sadness or regret.  AIDS Walk Houston is symbol of people standing together, walking together, and fighting together to win against this disease and care for its victims.  It is symbol of remembrance of those we have lost, hope for the future, and the hard work that needs to be done in between.

                All of the money raised by the SWA Team goes to Camp Hope.  Please support  Camp Hope by going to, click on AIDS Walk 2018, search for my name, and make a tax deductible donation or join our team, “Southwest Airlines Walks for HOPE” Team.  You can also send a check made to AIDS Walk Houston to me at 2622 Sherwin Street, Houston, TX 77007.  Based on the current research, prevention, and testing being done today, it has been predicted that AIDS as we know it can be eradicated in 15 years.  Our  a goal of $15,000 to send 15 kids to camp, and we need your help to reach it.  I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given though Camp Hope and I am even more grateful for your support to create this wonderful place for our kids and make this world a better place.  Thank you.

Until there’s a cure!


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