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AIDS Walk Houston 2018

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Please join TEAM AVENUE 360's efforts for the 2018 Houston AIDS Walk as we raise funds to continue to serve our clients in the greater Houston area.

One million men, women, and children in Harris County are uninsured.

Avenue 360 Health & Wellness provides vital health care option to those who do not have health care coverage. In fact, 91.6% of clients are at or below 200% of Federal Poverty level and 57.7% are uninsured.

Our clinicians have decades of experience in managing HIV providing excellent care and improved health outcomes. For those who are HIV positive, Avenue 360 Health & Wellness has over 2,000 positive individuals in care and have a HIV specialist on staff to assure the best care. Additionally, Avenue 360 offers HIV tests to almost 3,000 men, women, and youth each year.

For over 30 years, Avenue 360 Health & Wellness has been providing a full range of services while promoting a 360-degree approach to healthcare.

Services offered:

·       Medical Care

·       Dental & Oral Health

·       Behavioral Health

·       Hospice/Medical Respite

·       Adult Day Activity & Health Services

·       Housing Assistance

 Ask team captain, Denis Kelly at DenisKelly573@yahoo.com or 832-578-9891

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